Issue Volume 3, No 2
   Article title Authors Abstract and references
1. Spectral Distributions of Localized and Delocalized States in Triple Quantum Dots with Geometry Asymmetry
I. Filikhin,
M. Dukic,
A. Karoui and
B. Vlahovic
Abstract and references
2. Quasiclassical Two-Coulomb-Centre Wave Functions in the Spheroidal Coordinate System
M. Hnatič,
V. M. Khmara,
V. Yu. Lazur and
O. K. Reity
Abstract and references
3. Description of the FORTRAN program KANTBP 3.0 for computing energy levels, reflection and transmission matrices, and corresponding wave functions in the coupled-channel adiabatic approach
A. A. Gusev,
O. Chuluunbaatar,
S. I. Vinitsky and
A. G. Abrashkevich
Abstract and references