Issue Volume 4, No 3
   Article title Authors Abstract and references
1. A fractional-order tuberculosis model with fast and slow progression
Xueyong Zhou,
Li Xie and
Yaozong Deng
Abstract and references
2. A perishable inventory-queueing model with delayed vacation, negative and impatient customers
K. Jeganathan,
S. Padmasekaran and
S. Jehoashan Kingsly
Abstract and references
3. Orbital Stellar Stereoscopic Observatory Project: Motivation and Autonomous Navigation in the Heliocentric Transfer and Operational Orbits
M. S. Chubey,
V. V. Kouprianov,
V. N. L’vov,
S. D. Tsekmeister,
A. V. Bakholdin,
S. V. Markelov and
G. V. Levko
Abstract and references